del Campo al Plato | History

This event which is carried out every two years, aims to give the fundamentals needed to achieve a solid integration of the meat processing chain, essential element to build a competitive advantage in this dynamic industry for sustainable development as an activity which is strategic uruguayan economy.

In a background of increasing demands by consumers of safe food and differentiated quality, it is required modern technological tools and updated information on the status and prospects of major international beef markets.

The name "Del Campo al Plato", seeks to maintain the focus on the importance of coordinating the meat processing chain for strengthening of the competitiveness and the sustainable development of this strategic activity for the uruguayan economy.

Del Campo al Plato was launched in 2000 organized by the National Institute of Agricultural Research and Technological Laboratory of Uruguay. In the 2002 edition of the event, the National Meat Institute joined the Organizing Committee and since then the three agencies have been the drivers of the following events.