Conference 2010

The 6th. Edition of the traditional Meat Production, Processing and Trading Congress, "From Field to Table", will take place on November 22nd. and 23rd, 2010, in Montevideo.

The event is organized by LATU (Technological Laboratory of Uruguay), INIA (National Agricultural Research Institute) and INAC (National Meat Institute) and will be held at the new Conference Center of LATU, Los Robles Building.

The Congress is supported by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries and by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.

The production of meat in Uruguay has a high impact economically and socially, which must be enhanced from a competitive meat chain investing in innovation and promotion of agribusiness, being responsible with the society where it is being developed.

The objective of the 6th. Congress is to analize with national and foreign experts those current aspects of most relevance which tend towards excellence in the meat agribusiness, contemplating environmental and social aspects too. In this context, the following topics will be dealt with at the Congress:

  • The environment as a relevant element for agribusiness: climate change, sustainability, environmental certification and social responsibility.
  • General meat consumer trends in domestic and external markets, with special emphasis in human health and food safety.
  • Public-private patterns to promote innovation in meat agribusiness.
  • Agribusiness and society: Individual behaviour and responsibility as key factors in the progress of society.