In this edition, registrations for Uruguayan general attendees will be carried out through "Red Pagos" (a local network). However, due to the existence of special rates, all students desirous to enroll must access this web page as of the beginning of the registration period.

Those who decide to register by the student mode must present an official certificate issued by the university at the moment of registration.

Registrations will be from 10/18/2010 to 11/17/2010 both for general public and students.

Foreigners who are interested in registering must do so on this website.

Those who want to register the day of the event, may do it, but it is important to note that an extra amount amount will be charged.

All prices are expressed in Uruguayan pesos ( U$ 20 = USD 1 ).

attendees price from 18/10/2010 to 17/11/2010 day of the event price registration mode
general U$ 2100 U$ 2800 Red Pagos
students U$ 1400 U$ 1700 Web
foreigners U$ 2100 U$ 2800 Web